Postal Tracking Systems


International Mail Distribution and Tracking System
International Mail Tracking  System from ES Group
Package Tracking provides our customers clients, who may be located anywhere in the world, the opportunity to use the UK and European postal system for the final delivery of postal packages following importation into the UK.The system allows users to select the level of postal service required once it has cleared customs in the UK, as well as the selection of service provider such as Royal Mail or Parcel Force.  The system allows the remote user to print service provider compliant labels with all the necessary international mail tracking information, so that the item can be tracked all the way to the destination without the need to access multiple track and trace systems.Package Tracking is typical of the bespoke system developments undertaken by es Consulting.
Mailbag labelling application
package tracking systems Mailbag labelling application
When mailbags are being processed, it is a common experience that the label has become damaged and can no longer be read by barcode scanners.
The UPUBarcode label printing application will print UPU compliant labels (CN35) for any origin and destination. The system also allows the selection of the required service.